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Plastic Molding

Cormaf Srl is specialized in the production of packaging for cosmetic and perfumery articles. Our aim is to meet our customer’s needs creating also a specific and dedicated lines of product with exclusive design. How? Being always present with innovative purposes that can satisfy the several market requests. Our know-how is particularly focused in using all kind of plastic materials with proper results, technopolymers such as PBT, Surlyn, PCTA and others (BAKELITE and UREA) with particular features. Standard items: jars, caps, boxes, soap-boxes, spatulas ,etc.

New materials and ideas

Imagine creating your items with an innovative material that has a perfect balance between the desire for something new and full respect for the environment. It is in fact a new bio-material, totally eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, suitable for food contact, with which you can create custom objects in various form and color, chemically resistant up to 120°C and even “parfumable”, with a gradual essence release, guaranteed for one year.


Think about a line of jars for your completely BIO creams, with fragrant samples with your logo, to make innovative your advertising in the perfumeries or large distribution, where the customer will approach and smell your product. By the use in the pharmaceutical field for the gradual release of active principles which can be breathed, to the realization of a solid soap that never loses the perfume, for fragrant jewelery, to lamps or other objects heated for a further release of the essences, fragrant buttons and studs for bags, decorations for clothes, objects for decoration and special furniture.

The company

Production equipment, molding and assembly are carried out all within our company. While our group of collaborators we can also make decorations in silkscreen, hot stamping, pad printing, coating, metallization, electroplating.

We are structured in order to fulfill orders from 1.000 to 1.000.000 pieces, with a high flexibility and reduced times.


For the cosmetics sector we have created 6 different versions of spatulas, to meet all needs.

Wood and Stone

We have recently added to our product range also wooden and stone capsules (real Italian marble).

Biomaterials and news

We have also developed a material with antibacterial properties and a new parfumable bio-material.