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We provide a wide range of standard items, but our main activity is the creation of custom items on specific customer requirements.

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We can provide capsules and many other types of products from plastic materials, both thermoplastic or thermosetting. We satisfy all color specs to the sample items, even for small lots.

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ABA Srl is specialized in the production of packaging for cosmetic and perfumery articles. Our aim is to meet our customer’s needs creating also a specific and dedicated lines of product with exclusive design. How? Being always present with innovative purposes that can satisfy the several market requests. Our know-how is particularly focused in using all kind of plastic materials with proper results, technopolymers such as PBT, Surlyn, PCTA and others (BAKELITE and UREA) with particular features. Standard items: jars, caps, boxes, soap-boxes, spatulas, etc.
Starting from the design we follow all manufacturing process until the end product in all kind of plastic materials (thermoplastic and thermosetting), including the personalization such as hot stamping, metal coating, etc.

Cormaf can supply from 1.000 pieces to 1.000.000 pieces. We can offer You different material solutions to Your requests: WOOD, MARBLE.All made in Italy! Nowadays we can provide items made with a new PHOTO LUMINESCENT material : 5 minutes of light and it glows for almost 10 hours: think of all the possible uses of it! We mould all the kind of BIO MATERIAL,so if you want to make new items in these materials which are good for our planet, just let us know and we can help you to find the best biomaterial for your needs. And if you want to try the top, just ask us for the SCENTED BIO MATERIAL. If you should be interested in launching a new product, please do not hesitate to contact us because we will be glad to show you our standards items, the labels we have done till today and to answer to all your queries.

A really eco-sustainable company. Our brand new and versatile BIO Material is a derivative of wood: the manufacturer fulfills a purchasing campaign of forests and uncultivated areas to be dedicated to the planting of new trees. For every tree felled another one is planted. At our headquarters in Lainate (MI) an efficient photovoltaic system is also installed, which produces and distributes all the electricity needed to power our facilities.


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